King Krule – Ocean Bed

When you bob your head to the music it becomes you. You soul plucks it from the air and dances. Others prefer to listen and let the consummation happen inside their body. Either way there is a link hooking the speaker, the headphone, the guitar to the listeners heart. It cannot be said to be affecting the brain, where the sound is merely processed. It flies into the ear, the brain tries to make sense of it but can’t. Music and reason are incompatible, the brain is not adequate to process this type of information. So it chucks it out, discards it in anger down to the heart; “Here, all yours, I don’t know what to do with it!” The heart decides quickly. It doesn’t think about what it hears, it doesn’t try to present an argument as to why some combinations of sound are so moving, so touching. It simply listens and decides. It is open to the emotional onslaught which is coming and ready to be thrown into ecstasy, or perhaps just into a state of indifference; “Meh, next one please, this isn’t doing anything for me!” Music truly is ineffable, irrational, emotional; probably why it is so beautiful.

King Krule’s album Six Feet Beneath the Moon is expected to be released 24th of August, 2013. It promises gold.


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