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Margaret Atwood on…. Love?

Margaret Atwood on…. Love?

The Canadian genius once again showing why she is a genius. One of the finest writers of our time. This doesn’t have any great writing in it, just an excellent point to make. 


Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray

New release from my favourite band Mount Kimbie. A pioneering rocket ship of a duo, they’ve careened through the sonicsphere leaving a myriad of inspired seeds in their wake. This release from a hopefully soon to be third album sees them pull back on the gas pedal and slow down to enjoy the music around them.

Their usual formula worked well. Half a track of slow building atmosphere, then a second half of explosive emotion, built on the foundations they took a couple minutes to painstakingly create. Obviously this led to some people just skipping to the two minute mark. I personally enjoyed it but it is nice to see a fresh take on their particular brand of tunes.

Made to Stray gets straight into the beef of the song, there is no pussyfooting around at the beginning. The croaky beats backed with a wailing trumpet sound are beautiful. The vocals also compliment very well.

Bravo Dominic and Kai, this is a great progression. They haven’t remained stagnant in their production techniques or creativity. Besides a quite different sound it is still undoubtedly Mount Kimbie. This is a really interesting step forward, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of the same in the future.